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NIFTY & SENSEX, what's next

Nifty touching 12,100 again and SENSEX touching 41,100. So, what's next in line!
Is it time for Ariana Grande's "Thank You, Next"

Coming soon!!! Yes, its soon.

Nifty might hit 13,000 was our assumption, but seeing the GDP Data of 4.5% going down and down every Quarter. So, we don't have any other option but to see a fake balloon being blown and might touch 13,000 and then, 2020 will be very clear.

Already, Hong Kong is in a Recession and India will go into Recession soon. The only country which is strong in the World is The United States of America (USA). Fed should give importance to the Fed Rates. Its pretty high time, because the Yield Curve has inverted in August 2019. Even if its not inverted now, it has given a warning several times since August 2019. We won't be discussing about other Exchanges as now, since its already discussed in "2020 Recession".

So, this article is all about Nifty & SENSEX. What's next! Thank You. Next! Why did I chose Ariana Grande's title. The reason is quite simple, this two will definitely hurt Investors in future. 2020 to be precise. So, is there someone else, who is next in line and yes, that one will hurt Investors' sentiments again. Then, there will be next. Levels of Nifty & SENSEX might reach to the levels which is mentioned in 2020 Recession Article.

I won't be discussing any political stuffs here, since criticism can never be accepted. The Foreign Investors still trust Indian Exchanges and the Companies, they can't trust the policies. Now, its all about the Game. Yes, you heard it right. The Big Game between Equity & Bonds. The finals will be in 2020. The early tournaments have started. World Cup is in 2020. Like ICC T20 World Cup.

I've kept this discussion at a very low pace and with lot's of Entertainment stuffs. Music reference of Ariana Grande's "Thank You, Next!". Just to keep a little mood lighter.


I discussed about

2015: MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax) on Foreign Institutional Investors (FII).

2015: Service Tax raised from 12.36% to 14% and then to 14.5%.

2016: ₹500 INR & ₹1000 INR Demonetization.

2016: Service Tax raised from 14.5% to 15%.

2017: 28% and other categories in GST (Goods & Services Tax).

2018: Introduction of LTCG (Long Term Capital Gains Tax).

2019: 42% Surcharge on FPIs' (Foreign Portfolio Investors).

2020: Will be what, no idea.

After 2015 MAT announcement, the decision was rolled back.

After 2019 Surcharge announcement, the decision was rolled back.

When the Policies are not favorable and have a negative impact on Markets, they are reversed.

So, my question comes, in the very first place, why the policies are planned in an incorrect way that we all know would create a negative impact on Stock Markets.

So Indecisive!

In 2015, the Service Tax was raised twice.

In 2016, the Service Tax was raised again.

In 2017, GST was implemented without Planning.

Between 2017 and 2018, many goods and services were rearranged back multiple times in and out from their corresponding GST brackets.

So much Confusion!

A microwave is charged under 28% GST Luxury Items. Whereas, its used to heat up the food of 2 days kept in refrigerator so that we can save money to cook food and save gas usage. So, microwave is taxed under Luxury which is baseless.

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