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My First Personal Post after almost 2 years

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

I always wanted to create a database of latest news related to World Economy, Equity Markets, Finance and future forecast of events related to Global Economy.

Welcome to my first post in the business news Category. I've decided to operate this website and would continue to do so.

“I always wanted to be a Senior Corporate Finance/Strategy Professional. Its like a dream come true. When a domain broker contacted me and indirectly offered me $25,000 USD for my domain, I thought of working on various business plans. I did approach many Financial Companies in 2018 for a business plan. Luckily, Thomson Reuters contacted me but due to restructuring process, the deal was kept on hold. Then, I approached Dubai Government with a business proposal for a revenue generation of 5 Billion AED and presented them at their office in Dubai.”

I've decided to keep my passion alive. And continue to work on weekends on this exciting news that I can get on the table and deliver it across. Thank You.

#businessnews #business #globaleconomy

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