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There are many contradictions to my article on 2020 Recession, also called as 2020 Global Recession. Summarizing in the table below, which will be easier to understand.


I have two values for Nifty (one is at 2013 level prediction and another is an assumption).


Here, there is no WAR nor to under estimate anyone. These are just predictions. Even I can be wrong or vice versa. Anyone and/or Everyone can predict and assume anything. I've the data and the news online and so, I am just mentioning it here and the sources.

If anything is incorrect, please mail it to us for corrections/rectifications. Thank You.

December 04, 2019 - 12:23 AM

March 19, 2020 Update:

Top Investment Banking Companies gave targets for Nifty till 13500 and 12900 and so on.

1 Managing Director of a Big Investment Banking Company changed his views on India in 2018 on National Television maybe 5-7 times in just 10 - 14 days.

Let me quote (not exact context, but the same) - "India is not looking good for Investing", "India is a great market to invest", "There are problems in India and markets are in bad shape" and so on.

This is a big CONTRADICTION which I've seen from him.

All Market Experts/Presenters/News Editors on TV said to BUY when the Markets were locked in Lower Circuit and opened higher above 9000. I knew this is a good trick. This was March 13, 2020. Many invested but then, from Monday i.e. March 2020 saw another downfall.

Today, March 19, 2020, they have guts to still speak and blame it on Investors. Wow!!!

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