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2020 - The Beginning

Reasons for a 2020 Global Recession











2020 GLOBAL RECESSION - Predicted in 2018

01 - Equity and Bonds (Recession Indicator)

In August 2019, the Yield Curve inverted. This happens when long term bonds (10 years) have lower yields than short term bonds (2 years). This is Yield Curve Inversion and it happens before every Recession.

02 - Global Events


  • Trade War - The ongoing trade war between China and USA has sparked a fear of Recession in 2018 itself. The Trade War has financial implications on the duties/taxes imposed on the Trades.

  • Hong Kong Protests - Hong Kong protests have already dipped the country into financial Recession where its one of the strongest financial stock exchange of the world.

  • Oil Politics - Tensions between USA and Iran has sparked another oil politics in the world. Saudi Arabia and Yemen is another factor which had seen the implications of an oil price volatility within a day.

  • USA vs Iran - Many more political instances and events will arise sooner or later.

03 - Slowing Economy

Many economies of the world has seen a slowdown since past few years especially from 2015. Countries like Germany, Italy, Greece, India etc have seen a significant slowdown. Other countries showing signs of a slowing economy also include Argentina, Brazil and Turkey among others.

04 - The Great Delay

There has been several Recessions in the past. Every 10 years, there has been a Recession. Recession fears grew in 2015 but it could have been a wake up call.

  • 1980 Recession

  • 1981 Recession

  • 1990 Recession (After +7 years)

  • 2001 Recession (After 10 years)

  • 2008 Recession (After 6 years)

  • Predicted 2020 Recession (After 12 Years)


A Recession is due since long time and there is a delay of almost 11 years and above.


Like Thanos' ideology from Marvel says "The Universe needs a correction",

Similarly, "The Equity Markets needs a correction".

05 - Financial Bubble

The Equity Markets of the Major Economies of the World are already at the highest point and a serious deep correction is awaiting. The BSE SENSEX and NSE NIFTY of Indian Equity Markets are already near the highest level and still FPIs (Foreign Portfolio Investors) are pouring in money into this already inflated market in billion dollars. DOW Jones has reached at the highest limit. The stock prices of many stocks are at the highest and over valued. Valuations are crazy and the Quarter Results have been disappointing.

In August 2019, when the Yield Curve Inverted, Recession Fears grew. The Yield Curve has never been wrong since the beginning. The second part of the financial bubble will be the Global Debt as well.

06 - Fed Rate Hike & Steps (Another Recession Indicator)

Whenever FED hikes interest rates, Recession follows.

Jan 2005 - June 2006 (2.25% - 5.25%) - Tadaa!!! A Recession. December 2008 (0% - 0.25%).

So from 2007 to 2008 - 4.25% - 0.25%. Between 2008 and 2015, the rate was kept at zero.

December 2015 - 0.5%.

December 2016 - 0.75%.

March 2017 - 1.0%.

June 2017 - 1.25%.

December 2017 - 1.5%.

March 2018 - 1.75%.

June 2018 - 2.0%.

September 2018 - 2.25%.

December 2018 - 2.50%.

August 2019 - 2.25% (When Yield Curve Inverted).

September 2019 - 2.0% (Concerned about Slow Growth).

October 2019 - 1.75% (Concerned about Slow Growth).

March 2020 - 1% - 1.25%

March 2020 - 0% - 0.25%

Whenever FED does something, it means there is some problem and not just a small one, a big one. FED should not help Equity Markets to stop the crash, A Recession is necessary. If steps are taken in 2020 again, we will be in fear of Recession in 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 and you name it. On March 23, 2020, now FED wants to buy Debt, an incorrect decision.

Save these steps for future and unpredictable Recession rather than 2020. You didn't get me right, working on 2025 Global Recession. Stay Tuned. FED - "Wrong Move Player". Let the bubble burst.

07 - Coronavirus (Pandemic) - March 2020 Update

The Equity Markets crashed with just Coronavirus Pandemic situation alone. If keeping Coronavirus situation aside, we are yet to see the other phase of the Recession. So, let's consider the Coronavirus Pandemic as first phase to the second phase of the five other points mentioned above.

Like Panic selling, there is a Panic buying and things will become worse.

"I'd predicted a Recession in 2020 in December 2018 when I started working on Equity Confidence Business Plan and approached several Finance Companies." Details mentioned below.

I'd predicted all points except for point six which came as a surprise. In December 2019, this outbreak was well predicted by me that it might be dangerous than SARS and there will be an outbreak and will destroy World's Economy and Bankrupt many airlines. I'd predicted oil price as well two years back i.e. $20$.

I saw many tried to inflate the Equity Markets intentionally and just show that everything was good whereas we knew that we were already due for a Recession since 2015. We just kept postponing it.

By January 2020, I'd predicted that Recession 2020 will start at the beginning of February 2020 and it did. I am not an Astrologer but it became easier to predict. Especially, when WHO said no need to panic and stay away from rumours and Coronavirus is not serious nor dangerous and I was literally laughing on them. I began to trust on their fake lies and understood that they are lying and making it up.

By March 2020, they came out and said its pandemic and we have to be careful. When WHO said contradict statements, I became more confident that as Recession is on the cards, and here we are".


The chart that predicts Recessions

Why Investors Are Obsessed With the Inverted Yield Curve

What Is An Inverted Yield Curve And How Does It Affect The Stock Market?

| NBC News Now

The yield curve has inverted for a second time, what's different now?

The "inverted yield curve" sparks recession fears

How The Yield Curve Predicted Every Recession For The Past 50 Years

Global Events in 2020

Global Economy

  • January 31 - United Kingdom's membership of the European Union will cease (Success)

  • October 20 - 2020 World Expo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Global Politics

  • January 11 - Taiwanese General Election - China vs Taiwan (like China vs Hong Kong) (Completed)

  • May 07 - United Kingdom Local Elections (Delay Expected)

  • November 03 - The most controversial United States Presidential Election

Global Sports

  • June 12 - July 12 - UEFA Euro 2020 in Europe (Postponed)

  • June 12 - July 12 - 2020 Copa América in Argentina and Colombia (Postponed)

  • July 24 - 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan (Postponed)

  • Otober 18 - 2020 ICC T20 World Cup in Australia


  • March 02 - Yahoo! Time Capsule reopens (No Idea)

  • July 17 - NASA's MARS 2020 mission



Equity Markets will crash definitely and this correction would be of a deep one unlike the Great Recession of 2008. This Recession will be longer than 2008 and may span for a period between 1 to 2 years or more. The Great Recession of 2008 was due to the Housing bubble. But 2020 Global Recession will be of various factors like Slowing Economy, Financial Bubble and Global Trade War. Financial services will be hit as well. We can see many Companies merge, maybe or maybe not.


The Dow Jones might fall to 14,000 (February 2013). NASDAQ might fall to 3,700 (September 2013).

BSE SENSEX might fall to 18,800 (March 2013). NSE NIFTY might fall to 5,600 (August 2013). India actually survived the 2008 Recession with less impact. But 2020 Recession wit hit India very badly. The Government has to take precuationary steps and devise strategies which could benefit all stakeholders.

Hang Seng might fall to 17,500 (September 2011) since it has already dipped into Recession in late 2019 due to ongoing protests and further to 14,500 (March 2009). Hong Kong will be the most affected exchange from all. Nikkei might fall to 12,600 (April 2013).

Shanghai might fall to 2300 (September 2014) and further down towards a level which will be very hard to predict. When MAT was introduced by Indian Government on FII (Foreign Investors) in 2015, there was an outflow of money from Indian Equity Markets and the Chinese Stock Markets were at an all time high. Due to the excessive liquidity and overvaluations, the stock market took a hit of almost 50% dropping from 5000 to 3000. Early 2021 Predictions can give a figure of 1500 (June 2006) but it is very uncertain that this level can actually be hit. Shanghai and Hang Seng would be very difficult to predict.

Oil Price will hit $100 USD per barrel before falling below $20 USD per barrel. There will be more oil producing nations in Trade and demand for oil will go down. Similarly, Airlines would be hit as well. We can see Airlines merger happening in 2021 due to Global Recession of 2020. Major Foreign Airlines will take a hit with their losses. Oil Producing Countries will try not to make a situation like Venezuela. Etihad and Emirates might merge together. GoAir and SpiceJet might merge together or GoAir might merge with Indigo. Oil and Gas prices will fall to the lowest level in 20 years which will be of the year 1999. Tourism sector will definitely take a big hit, almost cutting down 75% of the existing tourists count.


Automobile sectors will be hit the most and its already a struggling sector and the earnings might convert into losses soon again worldwide. Industry core sectors will be hit on a very larger scale due to Recession. Services sector might take a standstill. There would be only the pricing impact on the mining industry.

The Government might increase indirect taxes. There will be a small increase in the direct taxation as well. Also, the Government will force the Income Tax Department with a much higher target to track unaccounted income. The Government will cut down expenditures. Privatization of Air India is one such example that the Government has a forecast and kept 2020 date as execution year. Privatization of BPCL comes as a surprise. The merger of all the OMCs' i.e. BPCL, HPCL and IOC could have made sense. Forceful Selling of HPCL to ONGC in 2017 by Government has impacted the Earnings of ONGC.

Global Events can be at a risk of a catastrophic failure. Not only that, but the Sporting events might be at a

greater risk where the entire business is run on sponsorship. Stadiums might run dry. Tickets would be available at a very cheaper price. The Profit Margins will be heavily impacted and might turn into losses in no time.

Infrastructure will be hit at the maximum and there will be a serious halt in all the construction worldwide. Real Estate sector will fall drastically taking the current inflated levels to an all time low directly to 2008.

The IT industry might be impacted the most, the $ rate will be fluctuated on both sides, but the dollar might emerge strong for a very short period of time unlike Great Recession of 2008. Then, the dollar will fall significantly and would be a bad news for the IT industry. The Telecom industry is already going in a stress and there can be a merger between Bharti Airtel and Vodafane Idea (Vodafone might exit India).

Important Disclaimer:

In November 2018, I had predicted the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. The predictions for Semi Final and Final winners were correct. 37 matches out of 44 were predicted correctly with a success percentage of 84.09% Does it mean, I am an Astrologer? No. These are all the Team Matches and their Performances over the years which I observed and gave my Predictions. The Video was uploaded on November 25, 2018 even without knowing the Team Squad. So, I never gave a challenge or promise. It was all observations and predictions but with Research.

In December 2018, I had predicted the 2020 Global Recession. Does it mean, I am an Astrologer? No. Its all Market Research with observations and predictions. That's the reason, I started approaching Finance Companies from September 2018 worldwide.



In September 2018, the domain name "Equity Confidence" which was registered in March 2018 for the Company came into picture. Through various domain name appraisal tools and SEO, it was valued between $25,000 USD onwards. For the domain name, I got an offer from someone through LinkedIn who is a well known Domain Broker (who has been associated with domain names sales in millions of dollars). Thus, decision was made to work on Business plans instead of going into Domain Name Business.


In September 2018, I was working for a 2020 Global Recession Project with a Business Plan for the Domain "Equity Confidence" and Strategy Development. A Business Plan was created and I'd approached many Finance Companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, BlackRock, Blackstone, Chase, Citi, Standard Chartered, HSBC and others. In December 2018, I was approached by Thomson Reuters officials. But Thomson Reuters was going under restructuring process, they sold off their Finance & Risk (F&R) business to Blackstone, Refinitiv was formed for which the business plan was kept on hold in March 2019. Further, Refinitiv was acquired by London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Hong Kong Exchange expressed interest to acquire LSE. 

I'd a business proposal for solution on Global Recession 2020 and Equity Markets stabilization. And I do have even now. And its including domain name. The domain name has two keywords "Equity" and "Confidence".

To have a discussion on Equity Confidence and its Premium Top Level Domain, do mail us at

Written by Shiraz Pawaskar



From mid 2021, maybe June 2021, we will see an entirely different picture. There will be a sudden surge in all the Equity Markets worldwide. 10% surge for Market Indices in one day and 25% surge within a month. In the second half of 2021, the Equity Markets will almost surge by 50%. So, let's take a look at the values.

Forecast for Market Indices in 2021

From the above table, we can see that by end of 2021, we can see the Market Indices hitting 2017 levels. We will move back four years in 2021, thereby seeing another 30% surge in Equity Markets in 2022.

Dow Jones will touch 21,000 (May 2017).

NASDAQ will touch 5,550 (January 2017) and might hit 6,000 in first week of January 2022.

BSE SENSEX will touch 28,200 (February 2017).

NSE NIFTY will touch 8,400 (January 2017).

Hang Seng will touch maybe at a lower side or an upper side. Can't predict due to political unrest.

Nikkei will touch 18,900 (April 2017).

As mentioned, there might be a 30% surge in Equity Markets in 2022. We will be still behind by three years in 2022. 2022 will be the year where stock market will reach to its highest point of 2019.

Dow Jones will touch 29,500 (Forecasting Early 2020).

NASDAQ will touch 7,800 (October 2019).

BSE SENSEX will touch 39,650 (October 2019).

NSE NIFTY will touch 11,850 (October 2019).

Hang Seng will touch maybe at a lower side or an upper side. Can't predict due to political unrest.

Nikkei will touch 26,600 (October 2019).

2023 will be a turning point for the Political and Economic conditions worldwide. The Stock Market will further surge from January 2023 to a level which might see new highs and then there will be a small correction after a small slowdown (unlike 2019).

This all predictions might actually happen only if China remains calm. If Hong Kong and Taiwan gets invaded by China, there will no surge. The Equity Markets will hover around the levels of 2014 - 2013 and might fall to 2011 levels if situation becomes worse. If China goes for an expansion in South China Sea, the Equity Markets will still not like it. Equity Markets might hit 2010 levels. We will be a decade behind from 2020.

There will be no further slowdown. Oil price will surge directly to $40 and within the next 6 months, to $60. It will eventually rise to $145 in 2025. All the Economies of the World would be hit so hard by the 2020 Global Recession of that Politics will be the last factor in every Leader's mind of each country. There will be an effort to heal for a full fledged recovery of an economy from 2021. Its only about tensions between China and Hong Kong that can't be predicted along with the relations between China and Taiwan which are at huge stake.

Ray Dalio's hedge fund bets $1 billion that stocks will fall: WSJ


AM I CORRECT? - March 18, 2020

So, am I correct with the Values. Let's see, how far am I??? Let's find out my December 2018 Predictions.

I'd predicted Oil price to be at $20 for December 2020 when Oil was $57.36 in December 2018. Oil on March 18, 2020 is almost $25. So. I am just $5 short away from my PREDICTION. I predicted oil priced to hit a 20 year old lowest level. And we just touched 17 year old lowest level.

I woke up in the Morning of March 19, 2020 only to see that My Target for Oil Price has been hit - $20. Isn't that great! Predicted in December 2018

Whatever I predicted, there was no Coronavirus prediction. I'd predicted a 2020 Global Recession in December 2018. These are my values which were predicted in 2018 for 2020 Global Equity Markets. Let's calculate.

How many more sessions for DOW JONES to reach at my Prediction level of 14,000? 5,646.78.

So, maybe 3 to 4 great downfall sessions required and then we are at a level which I predicted easily.

NASDAQ is 3,202.32 away = 7 great downfall sessions and we are at my prediction level.

BSE SENSEX is 9,813.05 away = 5 great downfall sessions and we are at my prediction level again.

NSE NIFTY is 2,807.5 away = 6 great downfall sessions and we are at my prediction level again.

HANG SENG is 4,667.42 away = 5 great downfall sessions and we are at my prediction level again.

Nikkei is 4,098.46 away = 8 great downfall sessions and we are at my prediction level again.

Trillion Dollar Valuations lost for the Companies worldwide. Recession will surely drop to the levels which I predicted in 2018. I'd approached many Companies on their website Contact Us or all C level executives on LinkedIn, but nobody heard me. I was shouting my guts out to find a solution which could not have prevented a stock market crash but a strategy which has never been implemented anywhere in the World or by any Stock Exchange. This strategy could have been implemented through Equity Confidence and I wanted to come out, avoid panic selling and a strategic selling or just selling off.

No economist nor any Graduate from a Top University or someone at the Top level executive in a big company or any individual with million dollar salary ever thought of it. Which I feel I am privileged to think, but just because I am no celebrity nor some influencer, but just someone who lives in a small town near a big city in Mumbai, India which is also called the Financial Capital of India, I was able to think like them.

I feel I could have devised a strategy in order to streamline the process of Equity and maybe, save 20% downfall easily. I love to devise practical strategies and here I am. I am pretty sure, we are hitting those targets.

SO BY APRIL-2020 OR MAY-2020,



Maybe after this, I truly deserve to be a part of the Management Team of Top Investment Banking Company!


AM I CORRECT? - March 23, 2020

So, am I correct with the Values. Let's see, how far am I??? Let's find out my December 2018 Predictions.

How many more sessions??? Let's calculate. March 23, 2020.

NSE Nifty say decline of 1135.20 (12.98% decrease). So, let's say one more session and downfall of 12.98%, the next level is 6,622. And again 12.98% decrease, the price will be 5,762. 2 hard hitting sessions or 3 medium impact sessions and we will reach 5,600 in no time.

When I shared NSE Nifty Target of year 2020, people were laughing. I got a comment that grapes are sour and so, I don't have money to invest so I backed out. I was also called as an anti-national.




Maybe after this, I truly deserve to be a part of the Management Team of Top Investment Banking Company!

Expect Worst Recession In 150 Years, Says Former IMF Chief Economist Kenneth Rogoff

‘Clear that we have entered recession’: IMF chief amid global downturn

IMF director Kristalina Georgieva on the coronavirus' economic fallout

Is a global debt crisis coming? | CNBC Explains

AM I CORRECT?, Oh! Yes I Am!

AM I CORRECT? - March 27, 2020

Long way back in December 2018, there were many people who were laughing at me when I told them, there will be a Recession in 2020. When I spoke to Finance Experts (I am not), they laughed at me.

When Stock Markets were continuously pumped up since 2018, it was all fake. I never trusted the Stock Market and was always on the sell side. I knew, something is wrong. When Trade War started in 2018 (It was predicted in late 2017), I knew there will be something. Let's discuss Coronavirus in a different topic in another topic and not here. But I knew something was wrong, yet Stock Markets corrected a little bit but they again went up. I was on the Sell side. I realized that Stock Markets don't work on FACTS, they work on MONEY. Even if the Company will file BANKRUPTCY, the stock can go up by 1000%. It depends who wants to keep it up. Why they want to keep it up. Even if the company's earnings are bad, still the stock price will go up by 350% to 500%. Stock Markets don't work on FACTS but just MONEY. Stock Markets had become a SCAM. I'll share this in my other article "Contradiction". Every stock market news around you is Fake. We live in a fake world.

Few days back (this week), I was annoyed where News Editor/Anchors were shouting their guts off, look at this, stock has gone up by 15%. We told you, everything is fine, we are seeing this kind of rally. Do invest today". Actual words - "Aisi zabardast tezi aapko nahi dikhi hogi yeh stock mein". Now, let's see what happens on Monday. ​Bloodbath, because US markets saw a small one after IMF declaring Recession.

We have never seen a Correction since ages, there should have been one. All eyes on India, US, China and UK. There were so many distractions for others not to see the severe side of Economy or Recession. I was shouting everywhere since December 2018 that we are going to see a Recession! Even when Coronavirus was not into picture, the yield curve inverted in August 2019. Still, the stock markets reached at highest peak. Think about it why??? I'll discuss in another topic.

I predicted Global Recession worst than 2008 in December 2018. I'd approached Thomson Reuters during that time (December 2018 - March 2019) for a Business Proposal Strategy which could have helped all Global Exchanges to minimize the Stock Market Crash, also minimize the implications of a "Dangerous" Recession.

Since September 2018, I've been sending messages to various companies like Investment Banking, Banking, Financial Companies and many more, be it on their websites, contact us or LinkedIn. All C-Level executives and Managing Directors and thousands of messages, I wanted to sell my domain as well, a domain broker gave a $25,000 valuation to it and some $2,000. I was waiting for Recession.

China Knowledge liked my Tweet in September 2018 when I had tweeted to Ant Financial for selling my domain name. I'd contacted Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. In 2019, I contacted many Big 4 Senior Employees for a Business Strategy to just implement to reduce a Recession implication. A warning which I have been throwing since 2018.

When Yield Curve Inverted in August 2019, I was in Dubai at that time, I knew something was not right. People didn't believe me. We are in a Recession finally!




STOCK MARKETS should CORRECT now to a lower level way below the level of 2011 - 2013 and stop at 2010.

"Why do everybody forgets about Thanos, "There has to be a correction"

[This is meant to consider a correction in Stock Markets and not anything else]

Maybe after this, I truly deserve to be a part of the Management Team of Top Investment Banking Company!

Do you believe? Or waiting for FIRE

WAITING FOR FIRE - April 04, 2020

Here I go again, I am CORRECT! 5600 was my TARGET!

What did Moneycontrol say on April 03, 2020. 5500!


I had predicted Nifty Level of 5600 in December 2018. Who would have thought, from 12430!

I never got a chance to be a part of the Management Team of Top Investment Banking Company!

World Economic Outlook Press Conference - April 14, 2020


Money Control News

April 03, 2020

Am I going to STOP?

AM I GOING TO STOP? - April 15, 2020

I got caught up with WORK. Already predicted, and now we have IMF speaking as well.

India Markets are so FAKE - APRIL 15, 2020. "We are up, up, up and after 13:30 Hours, we went down, down and down". Where are the people who said "UP, UP, UP", didn't say "DOWN, DOWN, DOWN".

We are facing a lot difficult time, already predicted in December 2018 for a 2020 Global Recession. Even if it was not Coronavirus, then we would still have hit Recession in 2020.


IMF declared a worse Recession and a long one, then why are the Equity Markets going high? They should have crashed. Huge Money is being pumped in. I am pretty sure that my Prediction will be right. I am not declaring anything right now. Its not that Valuations are cheap. Something big, very big, coming up.


The biggest MISTAKE of every EXCHANGE, every COUNTRY of this WORLD and every FINANCE COMPANY!

Guess what??? They are just POSITIVE. They don't see NEGATIVE and they don't want to see NEGATIVE.

Why??? 2008 was that last one, 2011-2013-2015, we have seen few glimpses but we came back strong. So does it mean, are we strong. Strength never stays for LONG. Even, a person becomes OLD and DIES.

Then, in the end, they come on TV or Social Media Videos and then just give a SPEECH!!!

And they are considered to be GREAT, whereas we are from SMALL TOWN and never HEARD?

Global Debt increased but no one wants to speak about it.

What do these people want and why are they PROJECTING only GROWTH and STOCK PROFIT.

What do you want, Dow Jones to hit 75,000; BSE SENSEX to hit 95,000; NSE NIFTY to hit 40,000;

NIKKEI to hit 80,000; HANG SENG to hit 85,000; NASDAQ to hit 30,000.

Do you know, what I am going to WRITE and post online.




When people were laughing at me in 2019 - when I researched and worked on 2020 Global Recession in 2018, those people should now know the power and strength of my Research.

We are seeing WORST Recession because of Coronavirus, it could have been a normal one. Coronavirus escalated a lot more, but I am yet to see the Nifty Target of 5600.

I think I should get a chance to be a part of IMF or World Bank someday.

So many STRATEGIES in my head, will this small town guy ever get a chance?

In 2015, I'd done a Research on which country will have a conflict with which country. A War Prediction. I love to read about World Wars, both I & II. Amazing history we had and the financial implications. Same way, in 2001 Afghanistan and 2003 Iraq. Those two wars were not amazing.

My Prediction came TRUE.

From 2019 - present, both the countries are in CONFLICT. Prediction TRUE (2 Countries and unnamed).

I am not going to NAME it at all. But, I predicted correctly. I fear EXECUTION DEATH.

I deleted my article of WORLD WAR III. It was disastrous and dangerous to read, but a REALITY!

Research, Forecast & Prediction!

When Coronavirus was hit, US and India said, don't fear. We are safe. WHO said, don't FEAR, we are safe.

It was all a lie! I had started to fill my Kitchen in February 2018. Thank God, I'd seen Contagion in 2011. I'd taken stock of basic essentials during that time. People were laughing. They aren't laughing now.

I predicted 2019-2020 conflict between two countries Correctly in 2015.

I predicted FIFA 2018 World Cup Winner Correctly in 2018.

I predicted ICC 2019 World Cup Winner Correctly in 2018.

I predicted a 2020 Global Recession Correctly in 2018.

I predicted a 2020 lock down/apocalypse situation Correctly in 2020.

That's the power of my Research!

Interstellar was released in 2014. I'd written an incomplete article and wanted to convert it in a book. This is the Year 2000/2001 when I took interest in writing lyrics, scripts and something based on movie concept.

When the movie released, I was so glad that I was in the League of Christopher Nolan. I am not saying, he copied or I copied, but many of the aspects related to Time and Gravity, almost same and very similar to my concepts which I wrote down in the year 2000/2001.

Do I really need to prove myself, that I am good. I am.

Varney: The oil crash shows how bad the virus is

Oil price plunges to 21-year low

How the Oil Bust Could Reshape Global Markets | WSJ

Oil at $10.89, OMG??? ITS BURNING!

$10.89 Oil, OMG?

I saw this news on April 20, 2020. Its around 11 AM. Can't believe! Total Shock, $10.89. My Prediction was $20 and minimum, even if I had to consider was $15. But this is Savage.

So, what should I think or do now? Nothing, I just want to see the bottom now.

I am dying to see 5,600 which is of 2013 level. Earlier, I was dying to see Oil Price at $20. It touched $10.89. Like what? Dangerous.

Why is unethical pumping of money in stock market, when you know, this will CRASH. Its call making QUICK and BIG Bucks. Someone has to be trapped, who? Congratulations for Realizing this.

Global Events:

I predicted FIFA 2018 World Cup Winner Correctly in 2018.

I predicted ICC 2019 World Cup Winner Correctly in 2018.

I predicted two big Global Events of 2020 to be cancelled Correctly in 2018.

Global Politics:

I predicted 2019 - 2020 conflict between two countries (not naming) Correctly in 2015.

I predicted a World War III in 2015 after the year 2020 and/or 2021 in 2015. Awaiting!


I worked on the concepts of Astronomy in 2001 and Interstellar released in 2014. Correctly!

I predicted a March 2020 lock down/apocalypse situation Correctly in January 2020.


World Economy:
I predicted $ - ₹ Conversion rate to go 80+ and rare case, 90+ and even rare case, 100 in 2018. Awaiting!

I predicted Oil Price Crash and the target of $20 for 2020 Correctly in 2018. 

I predicted Global Exchange Targets (Stock Market Crash) Correctly in 2018.

I predicted a 2020 Global Recession Correctly in 2018.

I predicted an economy to default on a payment in 2020/2021 due to debt and China's takeover in 2019.


That's the power of my RESEARCH! Hire Me! I am available.


Invest in Equity Confidence

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